Friday, March 28, 2014

Tooth Fairies and Peg Legs

Greetings!  Aren't those little pouches cute??  If I have said it once, I have said it many times, I get my greatest ideas from my customers.  The whole tooth fairy idea came from a customer (thank you kindly!)  And the idea to take it a step further and combined the tooth fairy with a little pouch also came from a customer.  A gallery customer in fact, The Clay Pot in Brooklyn NY.  So if you are in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, please take a gander in the shop and see if you can spy these little lovelies!!!  

Okay, I know this last picture looks weird.  Real weird.  But I am working on my entry for this year's Ligonier Valley Library Novel Art competition...Can you guess what I am making???  More pics of this project soon. 

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day

Okay, so here we are again!  And I have things to share!!!  (Nothing green or Irish but a well wish to you in the post title!)   First up... 

Look at that tree.  Isn't it incredible?  This was spotted on a walk in the woods with my doxie Bean.  I love this picture so very much.

Then there is this.  This is a take on my Chickadee pin design.  It was a gift for a very special friend.  I like how it turned out.  I wanted it to look like the Indian animal garlands made from sari cloth - I believe - but this one is made from wool felt and painted wooden beads.  Someday, I would like to make one for myself.  Amazing how little I make for myself.  I try to remedy that every year and I hope to do better this year.  I guess in a way, that is the point of resurrecting the blog.  It's something for me.

Lets see, lets see....  I do have some new dolls that I am making that I am so excited to show and to post in my web shops but they are not quite finished so that will have to wait....  Here is something I can share!  I dusted off the old Elmer and Eleanor jewelry website.  (That is also something that goes on my to-do list every year and sort of fizzles sadly.)  But I love it and I believe in it and having this very empty little shop just waiting for whatever sort of jewelry that I may get to make one day/today/etc. makes me so happy.  There is something deep down in me that is a jewelry maker, I can feel it, I just haven't quite tapped fully into it yet.  Until then, I have a very very good time making these little pendants.  There are two in there now - these two -
And you can go there too - (PS Elmer and Eleanor are my grandparent's names. And Wait!!!  My Grandfather was 100% Irish!  So we have indeed come full circle!)

Monday, March 10, 2014


So, something occurred to me.  (Yes, it's been almost a year since my last post!)  I have no idea about this blogging thing.  Firstly, it may have gone by the wayside with all of these other avenues for typing to people/photo sharing/etc.  Secondly, I don't think, in fact I know, that I have never gotten the hang of it.  There are plenty of incredible blogs that I visit and ooh and ahh over and love so much.  Some people just know how to do it!  And I think I have been trying to do what they do in one form or another and as we all know, that rarely works out for anyone.  You can't be successful trying to be someone else.  Or at least trying to be someone that you aren't.  So that was my realization.  My blogging skills are about as good as my gym class skills.  Zero.

And then, early one morning, just before I was about to open my eyes to start the day...And you know that twilight time right before falling asleep and right before full consciousness from sleep is magical!!!  So, it was that twilight, loose time and I haven't thought about this blog in ages, there is very little time for it and again, getting back to my blog skills - I am not going to win the great blogger of the month award anytime soon but it was that moment of lucidity that this blog came into my thoughts, with this very strong thought - it isn't for other people.  It's for me.  Hmmm.  What?

So I thought about that.  And I thought about how being an artist allows one to try out all different types of styles and mediums and how you naturally evolve your own process and style and how a lot of times, it's fleeting.  I often don't get to keep the works, they go to the intended homes or shops.  Or I forget what it's like to be inspired and excited about - whatever it is that has me going.  Inspiration is like a fluttery moth or that glimpse in the forest that you get and you swear you just saw something that you couldn't have really seen.

Where am I going with all of this?  Oh yes, this blog is for me.  It's for me to chronicle my process, mostly creative and artsy (I have a journal for all of the life stuff) but it's here for me to make a record of this glorious life of creativity and spark and love and all of the other things that go in it.  You know, all the stuff we will find out together.  And by together, I mean me.  (I don't really expect anyone to actually READ this!) but it's here for me and maybe, just maybe, it will strike a chord with someone out there too. 

First.  Real. Entry.  Go Nicole.

Oh wait!  And the pictures!  Those are very important to this whole process.  The first one is the latest stack of books I have collected.  It's a weakness.  I love books and I love craft and process books.  Old and new.  I just spent a good bit of time going through my collection, like visiting old friends.  And so inpiring!  The second photo is the very latest, not only do I have weakness for books but for Japanese Craft books especially (swoon.) This one is SO GOOD.  Third photo - a batch of "Bird and Branch" penny pouches for two spring shop orders.  I usually make these in dark gray - my sweet and smart shop buyer asked for some bright, spring-y colors.  Of course!!!  I love them SO much more!!!  And forth photo's a secret!  I can't tell you yet, but aren't they cute?????