Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Once Upon a Time (the one in which I built a castle . . .)

I built a castle!  Well, I folded pages of a big book of fairy tales into the shape of a castle. 
And then I decided that it would be very lonely to have an empty castle so . . .
First up, what castle would be complete without a King and a Queen to hold court?
And last time I checked, if there is a King and Queen, there should be a princess.  I am not sure who put her in the tower, but have no fear...

Her knight in shining armor (well, at least his sword and shield are shining) on his white steed is coming to rescue her!

And just so the King and Queen and their court can relax and enjoy themselves after all of their hard work being royalty, here is the lute player in the the other side of the castle tower.

And that silly jester way up on the top of the castle!

And just to be sure no dragons sneak in to the castle - the wizard is casting spells and peering in to his crystal ball.

One of my most favorite projects that I have ever done!  I am so honored that it will be on display for a bit of time at the library in Ligonier.  Thank you for everyone who voted for it for the people's choice award.  I am truly touched.  :)  (And Salley Mavor - you are a super genius.)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well, I'll be...

A daisy.  In the the DaWanda shop here.
And more little tiny bits of springtime color, although these are not for sale in the web shops.  I stitched these up for a special order for the Winterthur Museum.  But I very much like how they turned out and perhaps more will be made to sell in the shops? 
Any takers on tiny fairy hair pins?  :)  Much better than hairy fair pins....Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Lion's Share of March

Just working on some Easter items.  Bunnies specifically.  You know what they say about bunnies . .

And this little gal, in her pretty green dress is also ready for spring and the Easter season. She is available in the DaWanda shop here.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Heart in Hand

The Buyers Market of American Craft has come and gone in a whirlwind of so many great things - old friends, new places and faces, inspired work.  I am truly grateful for everyone that stopped by my booth, placed an order, said a nice word - all of it.  Thank you.

Here is a sneaky peak of my spot.
That little heart pin in my hand in the photo above is available in my DaWanda shop here.
Happy weekend to you and a very, very merry new month of March to you as well!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Olive

Meet Olive - She loves to dance and chase butterflies.  She also loves the color green.
These little girls are making a return to the Pea Soup shops!  Many moons ago I made these little dolls on a pretty regular basis.  I even did customized listings in which someone could pick the skin/hair color and a favorite color/motif for the clothes.  I would like to be able to offer this again and hope to soon once things get underway after the spring holidays.  If anyone would like to order a customized doll sooner than later, please let me know!  It was very fun making these girls again and as with most of the things that I make, it really speaks to the six-year-old Nicole.  :)  You can find Olive and her pretty dress and purse for sale in both the Etsy and DaWanda shop.
Here's a pic of her in her light blue skivvies.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Queen Bee

Probably a little tough thinking about spring when a good part of the US is under a major amount of snow.  I certainly do hope that everyone in the path of the big storm stays safe and sound and warm!

I do have this little springtime girl posted in my DaWanda shop here.

She is a honey bee fairy pin and she is wearing a light blue dress with a tiny bee buzzing across the skirt.

I have lots and lots of new designs ready to go for the Buyers Market of American Craft coming up in Philadelphia next weekend (February 16 - 18.)  I am booth #2107 for those of you that are going to be there and some of the new items that I will have are - new Halloween pins and Christmas pins and ornaments as well as pendants and a few other very new things if I can get my act together - back to work for me!

Happy Friday,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Won't You Be Mine?

She is available in my Dawanda shop here
She would love to be your Valentine!


Greetings and Welcome to the NEW blog!

Perhaps you have visited the old one which is this:  www.peasoup123.blogspot.com.

But here we are here and I have something new to show you -

Earrings!  They are very fun and bright and are available purchase over at my Etsy shop here.