Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Once Upon a Time (the one in which I built a castle . . .)

I built a castle!  Well, I folded pages of a big book of fairy tales into the shape of a castle. 
And then I decided that it would be very lonely to have an empty castle so . . .
First up, what castle would be complete without a King and a Queen to hold court?
And last time I checked, if there is a King and Queen, there should be a princess.  I am not sure who put her in the tower, but have no fear...

Her knight in shining armor (well, at least his sword and shield are shining) on his white steed is coming to rescue her!

And just so the King and Queen and their court can relax and enjoy themselves after all of their hard work being royalty, here is the lute player in the the other side of the castle tower.

And that silly jester way up on the top of the castle!

And just to be sure no dragons sneak in to the castle - the wizard is casting spells and peering in to his crystal ball.

One of my most favorite projects that I have ever done!  I am so honored that it will be on display for a bit of time at the library in Ligonier.  Thank you for everyone who voted for it for the people's choice award.  I am truly touched.  :)  (And Salley Mavor - you are a super genius.)