Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pretty Beads, All in a Row...


So...For those of you that have read my old blog many moons ago, jewelry making is something that I absolutely LOVE but every time I bust out the beads - everything that comes out is...Well...Not going to win any awards.  I always think that I just have to make things that I would love to wear and I just haven't been able to accomplish that.  I almost always prefer someone else's jewerly over my own.  BUT!  Hold the phone!!!!  I LOVE THESE!!!  And I MADE THEM!!!!!  Happy, happy girl.  I want to keep all three and wear them proudly.  I am only hoping that it is like working a muscle, the more that I make, the better that I will become and the more the jewelry will develope into what I have in my brain.  These will be for sale at the Ligonier Country Market this Saturday.  If you are local - please come on down and say hi!
PS!  If anyone sees these and wants to purchase, send me an email!  We can arrange that to happen and they are quite affordable in my opinion!

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